World Association of Cat Clubs


WACC regulations




WACC (World Association of Cat Clubs) is a free union of felinological clubs and associations from different countries. The most important WACC goal is to raise a level of world felinology. WACC is the representative and the coordinator of all clubs and associations on its list, and at the same time respects their international, national and regional interests. WACC serves as a link between official authorities and felinological associations.
2. Purposes.
2.1. Main objective of WACC is watching over cats’ maintenance and health.
2.2 WACC also aims at creating optimum conditions for breeders and exhibitions organizers.
Both these purposes must not contradict each other. Ways to reach the aims are:
common exhibition rules,
registration of catteries,
common bread standards,
coordination of exhibitions’ information,
felinological consultations,
felinological studies for breeders,
judges’ training.
3.1 General Assembly of delegated representatives of WACC members (clubs and associations) summoned every 5 years.
3.2 The Board, elected by the Assembly, includes president and vice presidents.
4.1 President is the head of  WACC. President protects WACC interests in internal and external situations.
4.2 President’s address is an official address of WACC.
4.3 President directs all WACC’s activity.
4.4 Vice presidents’ duty is to help president in his/her work.
4.5 If one of the Board members resigns, the rest do all the duties. The general assembly is not summoned specially for the case. Members of WACC – clubs and Associations – are informed about the resignation  in written form. Successor is to be elected on the next general WACC members’ Assembly.
5.Board’s range of authority.
5.1 The Board decides an issue of accepting new members – associations and clubs.
5.2 The Board has a right to reject a claim of  WACC membership.
5.3 The Board  is responsible for fulfillment of the Association goals.
5.4 The Board  has a right to undertake any activity to solve WACC goals and problems    (assigning tasks to clubs and associations –WACC members inclusive). The Board  decisions must not contradict to WACC regulations.
5.5 The Board  informs clubs and associations – members of WACC about its decisions in written form.  The Board  decisions are obligatory for clubs and associations – WACC members.
5.6 The Board  report is presented and discussed at the General Assembly.
5.7 If any WACC member – club or association – changes its board, the Board  can initiate a discussion  about further membership of this club or association in WACC.
5.8 The Board  coordinates all WACC activity. Complaints and claims against the Board  decisions are unallowable.
6.1 Any club or association may apply for entry to WACC.
6.2 An application must contain:
 application in free form,
exhibition rules (3 copies),
association’s/club’s regulations (3 copies),
pedigree book (draft),
pedigree (model),
copy of club/association registration certificate in the country of residence,
written guarantee of club’s or association’s president to follow WACC regulations.
6.3 The Board examines the papers and makes a decision about accepting a new member.
6.4 WACC membership may be canceled at any moment on account of member’s application or  the Board  decision.
6.5 Any association or club – WACC member may challenge admittance of a new member by a registered letter.
6.6 Duties.
  Clubs and associations-WACC members are obliged to put WACC emblem on all their printed forms.
  Clubs and associations-WACC members are obliged to fulfill regulations, rules and decisions of Assembly or the Board.
7. General Assembly.
7.1 Every 5 years the Board holds an Assembly of delegated representatives of WACC members.  The Board distributes invitations 6 months in advance of a meeting. Assembly fixes the date of the next meeting.
7.2 Every association and club – WACC member has a right to bring up its own proposals that the Board  must examine and use if they correspond to WACC interests.
7.3 Assembly has a right to cancel membership of clubs or associations if their activity contradicts interests and regulations of WACC.
8.1 Membership dues for all WACC members (associations and clubs) are obligatory.
8.2 Every association and club pays all its expenses independently. 
8.3 All WACC members cover expenses for the Assembly. 
8.4 The Board makes accurate estimate of expenditures for carrying out Assembly.
8.5 Cattery registration in WACC is a paid service.  
9. Additional statements.
9.1 WACC must be dismissed if it includes less than 3 members. 
9.2 Decision of matters not covered by these regulations is  the Board  prerogative.