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Expert felinologist all breeds, the leader of the tribal committee WACC, author of the  work on the genetics of cats "GENETIK-TABELLEN", compiled code still breeds and colors of cats with a system of WACC, an expert consultant for the training of judgesbreeders. Participated in the creation of the first breed standard for the Siberian and Neva Masquerade.


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President of the "FA VARIETA", expert felinologist all breeds of cats, an expert consultant for the training of judgesbreeders, the author of articles on the genetics of cats (the journal "Genetics", Academy of Sciences), directed the creation of breeds – Siberian and Neva Masquerade and their standarts.






























































   Peter Latsples      wacc@europe.com


 Dr.Peter  Latsples,MD  autor of more thesis about problem of psychiatry and drug addiction, assistent  of department of psychiatry and medical psychology  /NNSMA  internatijnal juge/expert all cats' breeds,   geneticist -felinologist, director of training courses for judges, the author of articles on the breeds of cats and cats' genetics.